3 Simple Tips For Pain-Free Squatting

People tend to butcher the Squat. Follow these tips to squat the right way and do so without pain.

Squatting has gotten a bad rap. Supposedly, it's bad for your back, it's bad for your hips—you name it, and I'm sure there is an article somewhere out there claiming that squatting is bad for it.

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But the truth is, squatting is only bad for you when you don't know how to squat. Sadly, most people really don't know how to squat. Somewhere along the way, we as a society have lost the ability to perform one of the most basic human movements. Personally, I think it's a result of too much sitting, too much eating and not enough moving.

So let's take a look at what makes a good Squat and how you can implement these tips so you can squat without pain. Check out the video above for a more in-depth look at the Squat.

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Don't complicate it


Sit down and stand up. That's it. Squat just like you would sit in a chair. Do your knees do all sorts of crazy things when you sit down? No. So why, then, do they wobble all over when you squat? Stop it. Do you go up on your toes when you sit down? No. So don't go up on your toes when you squat.

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Keep Your Knees Behind Your Toes

Goblet Squat

Look at your knees to see if you're in the right position. Your knees should never go past your toes. They should, however, stay in line with your feet. They should not travel toward one another. Again, keep it simple. Your hips need to fit between your legs. If your knees are practically touching each other, your hips won't fit between them.

Stay Upright

Back Squat

Your chest should stay relatively vertical. It should not be parallel with the floor. Keep your torso in a neutral position throughout the whole movement and you won't have a problem. Your core will hold your pelvis in place and keep everything neutral. One easy way to achieve this is to "brace" your core like someone is about to punch you. Do this before you start and keep your core braced the whole time. Believe it or not, the Squat is a full-body movement.

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