Tune Up Your Putting Game With These 4 Drills

Improve your putting with advanced technique drills provided by Don Law, director of instruction at Club Med Golf Academy, Sandpiper Bay, Fla.

Every golfer has experienced the frustration of putting. You land on the green with two nice shots, then miss two or three putts to blow your birdie opportunity. How can you cover a long distance with so much precision and fail to make the short shot?

Although it looks simple, putting is a complex skill that requires precise technique to consistently make shots. You need a good eye for breaks and you must be mentally tough to handle the pressure of making critical putts. (Find out how to refine your putting mental game.)

As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect." However, simply putting around on a practice green will only take you so far. Perform these advanced putting drills provided by Don Law, director of instruction at Club Med Golf Academy in Sandpiper Bay, Fla., to hone your green game and shave strokes off your score.

Box Putting Drill

Use the Box Putting Drill to improve your long putting game. During this drill, you want to make the shot, but your primary goal is to land the ball in a box around the hole. The challenge gets more difficult as you move further away from the hole. (Video above)

Lag Putting Drill

This is similar to the Box Putting Drill with two new wrinkles: you putt with only one hand and your vision is blocked. This forces you to focus on your target and remain stable during your swing. If you can make putts like the student demonstrating the drill, you are in fantastic shape.

Circle Putt Drill

You are wasting strokes if you can't make your short, high-pressure putts. The Circle Putt drill teaches you to read the break, address the ball and quickly make the putt. Decreasing the time it takes to get comfortable after you address the ball reduces your chance of mentally sabotaging easy putts.

Putting Arc Drill

The putting arc is a great tool for improving your overall technique. Practice following the arc with your putter to develop a smooth, straight stroke that will consistently deliver more precise results.

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