A Powerful Chest Workout for Size and Strength

Add mass to your chest and get a stronger bench with this chest workout by Dylan Spadaccini.

Who doesn't love chest workouts? Walking away from the gym feeling bigger and stronger than you did before makes you feel accomplished. What people don't understand about a chest workout is that you must approach each exercise at multiple angles instead of pushing straight up and down. A successful lift requires different grips, inclines, declines, rep ranges and bar speeds.

The workout below includes everything you need for a full and complete program. Give it a try. By the end of the workout, you will struggle to get off the ground after your last set of Push-Ups.

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When breaking down a chest and triceps workout, you have to look at a couple of different things.

First, you have to think about what movements will be performed. For most push exercises, you will do shoulder flexion as well as arm extensions, which means you will be using your pectoralis major and triceps brachii with help from your  anterior deltoids.

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Second, you must choose your primary lift. On chest day, it's almost always the Bench Press. Following that, you will perform secondary lifts, also known as supplemental lifts. These exercises will build on what you worked on in your primary lift and ultimately help strengthen and grow the muscles around the target area.

The goal of this workout is to maximize strength and achieve hypertrophy through various supersets and burnouts. Complete all exercises with full range of motion and give yourself sufficient rest between exercises. Best of luck!

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The Workout

Burnout Finisher

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