Atlanta Hawks Guard Jeff Teague Left Behind By Team Bus in Detroit, Has to Call His Sister for a Ride

When the team bus left him behind, Jeff Teague had to call his sister for a ride. Not exactly how NBA stars should be treated.

After the Atlanta Hawks won 112-95 against the Pistons in Detroit Saturday night, the Hawks' team bus departed the Palace of Auburn Hills without guard Jeff Teague, who was somehow left behind despite the fact that only 12 players dress for an NBA team.

We're not sure if this gives credence to trade rumors surrounding Teague, but you'd think his double-double performance [12 points and 12 assists] against the Pistons would have prevented the team from accidentally ditching him. This is not how NBA stars are treated.

Luckily, Teague's sister lives in the Detroit area, and he was able to call her for a ride. He posted the photo below of him making the call on his Instagram account.

On a somewhat unrelated point, someone needs to teach our man Teague how to carry a pizza. He's holding the pizza box like a Trapper Keeper and offers zero respect for the pizza inside.

Teague played down the Hawks' miscue by showing his sense of humor, pasting the popular "crying Jordan face" over his head in the same photo. Everything seems to be just fine.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock