Boathouse Sports Introduces New Line of Women's Rugby Gear

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Players from New York City's Village Lions Rugby Football Club show off their new Boathouse Sports uniforms.

In collaboration with the women's rugby teams at Princeton University and West Chester University, Boathouse Sports recently released the first rugby gear specifically designed for female athletes.

"We are really excited about our new line of apparel," says Doug Tibbetts, president and CEO of Boathouse Sports. "Up until now, women rugby players have had to settle for poor fitting and non-flattering men's uniforms. That is no longer the case."

The new uniforms are designed to closely fit the female shape. Since they are not loose and baggy, there is less material for opponents to grab, making it harder for them to tackle you.

Along with a slick design, the new rugby gear offers several other benefits:

  • Stretch across the chest and hips for a more comfortable and flattering look
  • Shorter sleeve length and longer body length to stay tucked into shorts
  • Shorts have a four-inch inseam incorporating a soft mesh chafe guard for added comfort
  • Infused color dyes in the fabric eliminate cracking, peeling and fading of graphics
  • Minimum weight and moisture-wicking material

"We are confident our new line of apparel will not only change the way the game is played, it will change the look of the sport," says Tibbetts.

The new rugby gear is available at

Source:  Boathouse Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock