Speed Drill of the Day: Become a Better Athlete with the Bulgarian Split-Squat

For better moves on game night, improve your single-leg strength with the Bulgarian Split-Squat.

When you're playing a sport, many of the athletic movements you perform are done off one leg. That's why your training should include a number of single-leg exercises to prepare you to ball out on game day.

One single-leg exercise you should consider adding to your routine is the Bulgarian Split-Squat. Sometimes called the Rear-Foot Elevated Split-Squat, it requires a great amount of single-leg stability and strength.

That's why we've seen the Bulgarian Split-Squat included in the routines of elite athletes like Ryan Kerrigan and Von Miller. The exercise ensures you're developing equal strength on both sides of your body, which isn't necessarily the case with double-leg movements like the traditional Squat.

The Bulgarian Split-Squat also targets many of the small stabilizer muscles other exercises might miss, which improves your balance and can prevent injuries. But the Bulgarian Split-Squat doesn't just target tiny muscles; it also hits major muscle groups like the quads and hamstrings. If you struggle with the traditional Squat or are looking to add more single-leg exercises to your routine, the Bulgarian Split-Squat is a phenomenal choice.

How to Perform Bulgarian Split-Squats

  • Stand in a lunge position with your back foot on a bench or box.
  • Hold dumbbells by your side or have a barbell on your back.
  • Bend your front knee to lower into a lunge, keeping your knee behind your toes.
  • Once your thigh is parallel to the ground, extend the hip and drive your heel into the ground to return to the starting position.
  • Once you've completed the desired number of sets on one leg, switch to the other.

Set/Reps: 3x6-8 each leg

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock