Can You Handle the 625-Rep Dumbbell Challenge?

STACK Expert Ben Boudro lays down the gauntlet. Think you have what it takes?

Think dumbbell exercises are boring? Think again. This past weekend, I went back to the drawing board and jotted down all of the dumbbell exercises that have worked wonders for my clients. These exercises break the old cycle of Curl and Press and give you a whole new challenge.

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You can use any one of these exercises in your current routine. If you are up for a serious challenge, try the 625-Rep Boudro Challenge. Do 25 reps of all 25 exercises and time yourself. For exercises that involve a single arm or leg, do 12 each sideā€”it's not 25, but it's close enough. I used 25 pounds for my workout. You should use a weight that allows you to do all the reps with proper form.

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Oh yeah, you will need to run a mile before you start. Have fun.

First: Run 1 Mile!

Then take on the following 25 moves. Note: If you aren't sure how to perform a move, I've provided a demonstration of each one in the above video.

  1. Deep Counterweight Squats
  2. Renegade Row with a Turn
  3. Undulating Shoulder Press
  4. Farmer Curls
  5. Split Squat with Shoulder Raise
  6. Gorilla High Pulls
  7. Javelin Toss
  8. Plank Bicep Curl
  9. Feet-Switching Push-Ups
  10. Lateral Gorilla Hops
  11. Plank Transfer
  12. Wrestling Stance Seesaw Row
  13. Arnold Press
  14. Single-leg Bent Over Row
  15. Wrestling Stance Pummels
  16. Bear Crawl Steps Forward
  17. Hips-Elevated Straight-Arm Pullover
  18. Bear Crawl Steps Backward
  19. Windmills
  20. Uppercuts
  21. Dumbbell RDLs
  22. Overhead High Knees
  23. Froggers
  24. Thrusters
  25. Straight-Arm Flutter Kicks


Can you do 25 reps of all 25 dumbbell exercises? I bet not. Prove me wrong and post it to #boudrochallenge

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