Carlos Boozer Does 'The Airplane' and AcroYoga

The NBA power forward is getting creative with his latest training methods.

Last week, NBA power forward Carlos Boozer was strutting his weight room game on Instagram. But to our surprise, he also posted a picture of himself doing the "flying bird"—otherwise known as the "airplane." You know, the thing you did when you were a kid where a grown-up lies down and you balance on his/her raised legs in the air.

Boozer isn't the first pro athlete to add yoga to his/her off-season training program. Check out the video above to see Patrick Peterson's hatha yoga routine.

Boozer captioned the photo: Taking My First Flight.. Flying Bird Wit @slacroduo ACROYOGA Photocred: @tonythomassports #yoga #activelifestyle #fitness #onamission #cliq #holdat

But what exactly is AcroYoga?

Kind of like it sounds, AcroYoga combines yoga with acrobatics—according to, the "loving kindness of healing arts."  A community-based practice, it has three main elements: "Solar Acrobatics," "Lunar Healing Arts Practices," and "Yoga Practices."

Solar Acrobatics is all about cultivating trust. Trust is "the currency"—the foundation on which you expand your vision of your own personal power. The most physical of the three elements, it incorporates exercises like Push-Ups and Ab Roll-Outs as well as yoga and "partner acrobatics."

The second element, Lunar, is about listening and learning to be open. It includes massage, "partner yoga" and "therapeutic flying." Yoga is incorporated throughout, the glue between the other two practices, specifically to increase breathing awareness and connection to self and the world around you. 

Where do we sign up for the flying part?

In all seriousness, Boozer seems to be welcoming of this change-up to his workouts. AcroYoga looks playful, physically challenging, and mentally demanding. Furthermore, trying a new practice in a supportive environment—one that "encourages personal transformation," requires teamwork, and values the progression itself—might take you to, or even a couple steps beyond, physical empowerment.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock