Casey Affleck Teams With Joaquin Phoenix for a Western Movie

Casey Affleck will direct Joaquin Phoenix in an upcoming western drama entitled 'Far Bright Star.'

Casey Affleck is on board to direct a western entitled Far Bright Star. Joaquin Phoenix, whose sister Summer, is married to Affleck, will star in the drama, which is based on Robert Olmstead's 2009 novel. Set in 1916, the film centers on Phoenix's character, an aging cavalryman who leads a posse of ragtag young men on a mission to track down the famous Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa. Following an attack in which most of his men are killed, the leader is left to struggle for survival in the desert.

"This is a beautifully written story on pain and loss and the drive and resilience one finds within themselves to continue through the day," Affleck told The Hollywood Reporter.

The screenplay was written by Damien Ober, known for the TV series Dominion.

Affleck has directed two previous projects, including the mockumentary I'm Still Here, chronicling Joaquin Phoenix's transition from actor to rapper. However, this upcoming picture marks his narrative directorial debut, and Affleck is also producing the film alongside John Powers Middleton (OldBoy). Far Bright Star will be the first work to emerge from the Affleck/Middleton Project, a partnership reported just last year.

In addition to working behind the camera, Affleck is enjoying an acting career that is stronger than ever. He is starring in at least four projects next year, including the crime drama Triple 9 and the TV mini-series Lewis and Clark.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock