3 Simple Pitching Tips for a Better Short Game

The secret to lowering your overall golf score? Mastering your short game. STACK Expert Larry Seely offers three simple short game tips.

Short Game Tips

Improve your technique and lower your score by mastering your short game.

Here are a few instructional tips to help simplify those critical pitch shots. They may seem basic, but they're extremely effective when performed correctly.

Short Game Tips

Use the Green

Using the green can be your biggest advantage when pitching. For example, if you have slope behind the hole, play a bit more aggressive. Try to use that slope to bring the ball back toward the hole. There is nothing worse than leaving a chip or pitch shot 20 feet short.

Use Less Club

Commonly, golfers automatically reach for a sand or lob wedge when hitting pitch shots. Although these shots may work occasionally, using a less-lofted iron is more effective and offers a higher percentage shot.

A solid fundamental approach is to pitch the ball about a third of the way to the hole and let it run to the cup.

Hands Forward

This might seem basic, but it's necessary. Scooping pitch shots or cupping the wrists will lead to bad habits and bad shots. Maintain a nice solid connection between you and the club, fall back into your stance and keep your hands forward. It's the only way you'll be able to produce better shots around the green.

These simple adjustments can help you build the confidence to improve your game in and around the greens. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Spend a few minutes on the practice green keeping these tips in mind before heading out on your round.

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