3 Essential Hip Mobility Exercises That Increase Speed and Strength

Turn your dynamic program into a real advantage with three hip mobility exercises from STACK Expert Robert Taylor.

Tight hips can limit your athletic performance. The inability to turn the edge or turn and run with the player you are marking may keep you off the field this season. Gain motion in your hips to increase your vertical jump and improve your 40-Yard Dash. Turn your dynamic program into a real advantage with these three exercises. Make time to address and cure your weaknesses to enhance your strengths.

Sagittal Plane Lunge With Hand Drivers

The sagittal plane refers to motions front-to-back, like squatting and deadlifting. If your lower body doesn't move well in the sagittal plane, you probably won't be an efficient mover in the frontal or transverse planes. Some consider moving well front-to-back a prerequisite to moving well side-to-side or with rotation.

  • Assume the lunge position with your back knee on the ground.
  • Your lower body will move front to back during each hand driver rep.
  • Begin by driving both hands back over your head.
  • With hands overhead, lean to the left and right.
  • Finish with upper-body twists while maintain a tall spine.

Complete 5-10 reps of each hand driver and repeat on your other leg.

Open Hip Lunge

As you perfect the lunge movement in the sagittal plane, progress to adding additional plane sequences. When rotating your opposite leg, notice the additional stress on your groin and focus to maintain the proper front leg alignment in a lunge position.

  • Stand with your feet together, right foot on a sliding pad.
  • Slide your right foot back on a 45-degree angle in a controlled manner.
  • Turn your foot and point your toes toward your right side (90 degrees to the right of starting stance).
  • Your front leg will track in a lunge motion.
  • Hold in the bottom position.
  • In a controlled manner, return to the start position while tracking back on the 45-degree angle and rotating your foot.

Note: Your chest will lean forward due to the body's need to maintain balance.

Complete 10-15 reps on each leg.

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Three-Way Lunge with Frontal Plane Reach

Develop your dynamic movement to utilize multiple lower-body planes while maintaining one plane of movement with your upper body. Add range of motion to your ankles and hips while using a system of hand drivers and foot placements.

  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Straighten both arms overhead.
  • Stride your right foot forward and drive your hands to the left.
  • Bring your right foot back to the start position.
  • Stride your right foot to the right (90 degrees) and drive your hands to the left.
  • Bring your right foot back to the start position.
  • Open your hips and drive your right foot back at a 135-degree angle while driving your hands to your left.
  • Bring your right foot back to the start position.
  • Repeat with your left leg, driving your hands to the right.

Complete 2-5 sets per leg.

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