View With Your Crew: Jason Statham's 'Redemption'

Jason Statham stars in one of the most substantial roles of his career in "Redemption," coming to theaters June 28.

Surrounded by blockbusters, Jason Statham's Redemption will be flying under the radar when it lands in theaters June 28. The film follows Statham's Joey Jones, an ex-British Special Forces soldier who is on the run from a military court marshal. At the beginning of the film, Joey, homeless and trying to survive in London's criminal underworld, gets a chance to turn his life around by assuming the identity of another man and becoming a vigilante.

Joey is a sympathetic fugitive whom moviegoers will cheer on as he uses his mind and muscles to get by. After drifting through life with no purpose, he's suddenly faced with the decision of whether to continue looking out for number one, or to devote himself to helping others in desperate circumstances. Learning that his missing girlfriend has been brutally murdered sends the already unstable Joey over the edge, and he decides to get revenge at any cost.

Although this film clearly has more substance than some of Statham's other bone crushers, action fans will not be disappointed, especially those who prefer quality over quantity. The street-brawling sequences in particular are powerful and masterfully directed to show off Statham's impressive skills.

Written and directed by Steven Knight, best known for writing Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things, Redemption also stars Agata Buzek as Sister Cristina, a young nun whom Jones befriends.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock