Johnny Manziel Parties at a Hollywood Nightclub to Celebrate Not Being Cut by the Browns

The noticeably fattening quarterback has been partying in L.A. for three straight nights, according to TMZ.

Johnny Manziel and Friend

Human cautionary tale Johnny Manziel was spotted outside a Hollywood night club last night, hours after the Cleveland Browns kept him on their team roster.

Many had expected the team to release the controversial and allegedly abusive quarterback (who may or may not have shown up drunk to practice in the past) at the earliest opportunity, which, per NFL rules, came at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The Browns did not cut him, possibly in the vain hope that another team might want to take him on, or perhaps because the organization has an unimaginably high tolerance for hardship and misery. Whatever the reason, Manziel remains on the roster.

The noticeably fattening quarterback celebrated the occasion with what was, according to TMZ Sports, his third straight day of nightclubbing in Los Angeles. When asked by TMZ's reporter if he'd had a few Budweisers to toast Peyton Manning's retirement, Manziel smiled.

Later that evening, Manziel sent out a tweet letting everyone know how he was doing: A single wave. Read into it whatever you will.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock