Never Miss a Leg Day Again With This 10-Minute At-Home Workout

This two-exercise circuit will crush your legs and abs in only 10 minutes, if you can handle it.

Ready for a lower-body workout that you can literally do anywhere in less than 10 minutes?

This at-home leg and abs workout is simple to do and amazingly effective. It will get you sweating very fast. I use it when I travel on vacation or for the busy days when I only have 10 minutes to get a workout in.

Yes, there are days when I literally train for only 10 minutes, yet I still get my sweat on and stay on the path to my fitness goals.

There are only two moves that you have to master with this lower-body workout, and they are very simple to do. Here we go!

How to do it

  • Start off with 30 seconds of Lateral Curtsy Lunges
  • Follow up with 1 minute of Single-Arm Planks
  • Jump up and perform a set of Lateral Curtsy Lunges with your opposite leg
  • Finish with another minute of Single-Arm Planks using your opposite arm.
  • Repeat this three times, taking as little rest as possible.

This equals a total of nine minutes. Add transition time between exercises and you will end up taking about 10 minutes to complete it.

Here's how to perform the exercises.

Lateral Curtsy Lunge

Keep one leg planted the entire time. Perform a Lateral Lunge, but instead of bringing your leg back to where you started, take your leg behind you and perform a curtsy. Repeat for the entire time, making sure to keep your chest upright and your knee straight on your plant leg. This is a double move for your leg so your glutes will be on fire.

Single-Arm Plank

A small tweak to the highly coveted Front Plank. When you do the Plank using just one arm, you force your unassisted side to work overtime to keep your hip stable. A way to make this easier is to spread your feet wider apart to better engage your glutes.

There you go!  Keep this workout in your back pocket and you'll never have to skip a workout because you're "too busy." You got this.

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