WATCH: Angry Ostrich Won't Stop Chasing Two Cyclists

This bird can't fly, but holy cow, can it motor!

Angry Ostrich Chases Cyclists

Man, I feel like I'm playing a video game. Every time I watch this video—and I've watched it several times (and will surely watch it more before the day is over)—it's like seeing Mario on top of Yoshi in real life. Except instead of an Italian plumber riding a dragon, it's a fast—and from the sound of it, a very pissed off—ostrich.

A group of cyclists were out for a ride near the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa when an ostrich apparently took issue with their trespassing in its neighborhood. Watch the ostrich dart onto the screen at 10 seconds into the video clip below:

According to the video description, the riders had come to South Africa for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, which took place this past weekend. The cyclist who posted the story says they rode at speeds upwards of 30 miles per hour but were unable to lose the flightless bird. According to the National Wildlife Federation, ostriches can maintain speeds in that range for up to 10 miles, topping out at 40 miles per hour. Not bad for a bird that typically weighs 350 pounds!

Sidebar: Have you ever seen an ostrich up close? Those things are NASTY. Angry nasty. They will bite at the fence—and if you're on foot near one, there'd better be a fence. But I guess that makes sense. Ostriches are one of the oldest birds on the planet, and to make it in this world, you've gotta be tough.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and dig up my Nintendo 64.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock