Own the First Move With Cam Newton to #WinFromWithin

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Cam Newton Drinking Gatorade
From high school to professional levels, athletes know that preparation for the big game starts long before the actual event. The hard conditioning regimens, long practices, training mental toughness—you know the standards for being game ready. But is there a way to edge out your competition and really stay ahead of the curve?

For NFL quarterback Cam Newton, edging out the competition goes beyond traditional methods like weight room training and film sessions. Owning the first move is "something bigger than that and is easily overlooked," he says. "It's nutrition."

Drawing inspiration from his heroes—"greats like Ray Lewis and, to some degree, Peyton Manning"—the North Carolina Panther has been working on eating right. Most recently, Newton has teamed up with Gatorade to promote their line of products and his newest fuel source: G Series Energy Chews, the first pre-game fuel offered by Gatorade in chewable form. The chews contains 25 grams of carbohydrates to help athletes fuel before training or competition.

"Me partnering with Gatorade, that's part of something I've been trying to work on this off-season—having excellent or better nutrition than I've [had] in the years before," Newton said in a recent interview.

The G Series features three separate products that work together in succession: the energy chews, a 32-oz. Gatorade Thirst Quencher and a Protein Recovery Shake. The Quencher bottle has a design aimed at meeting your fueling needs during workouts. The Recovery Shake delivers 20 grams of protein for muscle building and regrowth. Endorsed by Newton and elite athletes from a variety of sports, the G Series helps you get the most out of your performance by providing fuel, fluid and nutrients before, during and after activity.

Own the first move with Newton and #WinFromWithin with Gatorade.

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