Create a Pre-Game Routine to Increase Focus

Need a quick way to get into the zone before a game? Learn how to create your own pre-game routine from STACK expert Dr. Chris Stankovich.

Reggie Miller Pre-Game Routine
Athletes are always looking for ways to improve their on-field performance, both physically and mentally. Mentally tough athletes reap rewards from their efforts by increasing their self-confidence, while at the same time decreasing their levels of stress and anxiety. This all culminates in peak athletic performance!

Focus is a critical part of athletic success. When athletes sharpen their focus, they develop a strong vision of the field around them. This helps them "tune in" or "get in the zone," allowing them to quickly bounce back from stress, adversity or failure. (Learn how to sharpen your focus)

One way to improve athletic focus (and overall mental toughness) is to develop a pre-game routine. A mental rehearsal of the plays you will perform helps build confidence that you can properly execute without failure.

Since every athlete is different, you need to come up with a pre-game routine that fits your personality. Whereas one athlete might need to get "pumped up" by listening to hard rock music, another might prefer some quiet time away from the team to collect his thoughts. Neither athlete is right or wrong. The key is that both feel good, confident and focused before going out to compete.

When you are mentally ready to play, you have a better vision of the game, which allows for synchronized mind-body communication. Muscle memory increases and you are more likely to make great plays on the field. As you learn more about the kinds of things you need to think about (or do) before games, things that allows you to play with confidence, be sure to write your findings in your sports journal so that you won't forget them later.

Improve your sports focus and watch your game take off to the next level. Get started today by developing a pre-game routine that helps you improve your mental toughness for athletic success. Learn more about preparing mentally for the big game.

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