Combine Testing: Pro-Agility Shuttle

Learn how to lower your Pro Agility Shuttle time with this simple step-by-step technique guide.

Pro Agility Shuffle
The Pro-Agility Shuttle is a key test used by coaches and scouts to evaluate football players at the NFL Combine, college pro days and other football combines across the country. It is a great way to assess a player's quickness and ability to change directions, which are fundamental skills for success on the gridiron.

Pro Agility Shuttle How-To

To set up for the Pro Agility Shuttle, position three cones in a straight line five yards apart. Start at the center cone in a three-point stance, straddling the start/finish line. Timing starts on your first movement. Sprint five yards to the right. Stop and touch the line with your right hand at the cone. Sprint 10 yards to the far cone. Stop and touch line with your left hand at the cone. Sprint five yards through the finish line. This can also be performed starting to the left.

Check out a diagram of the Pro Agility Shuttle to better understand the set-up.

Keys to the Pro-Agility Shuttle

1. The hand on the start/finish line determines the direction. If you have your left hand down, you must start to the left.

2. You must touch each line with the proper hand. The right line must be touched with your right hand, and the left line must be touched with your left hand. This ensures that you are pivoting off  both legs during the drill. When you do it properly, you never turn your back to the coach.

Tips to a Better Pro-Agility Shuttle

1. Stay low on your start and turns

2. Plant your foot on the inside of the turn lines to keep your center of gravity and power base inside of your legs

3. Run through the finish line instead of lunging

4. Practice, practice and more practice. To steal an old saying from Coach Holtz: "Practice Makes Perfect is wrong...Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!" If you practice something wrong, you will do it wrong.

5. Get in the weight room and train your lower body. Perform exercises like Snatches, Power Cleans, Squats, Lateral Lunges and Clean Pulls to increase your speed

The video below is an example of excellent Pro-Agility Shuttle technique.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock