Reggie Bush Has Been Working Hard This Off-Season To Come Back Better Than Ever

Reggie Bush, the 2nd overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, has been working hard to show NFL teams that he can still be himself.

The career of former San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush career has been plagued by setbacks. Dealing with multiple injuries and playing for four different teams have hurt his production. But Bush has been working hard this off-season with the goal of coming back better than ever.

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Bush's most recent injury happened in Week 8 of the 2015 season against the St. Louis Rams. As he was running out of bounds, he slipped on a strip of cement and suffered a season ending knee injury.

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Though he's not sure what team he will play for next, Bush has not taken time off from the gym; and he has been posting some of his workouts on Instagram to show that he is capable of returning to action and juking opponents once again. In the first video, Bush is seen performing Slideboard Rollouts, a great exercise for his core and a warm-up for his shoulders.

The exercise in his next post requires full body control and immense core strength. Bush claims it is the hardest core exercise he's ever done. Inspired by what gymnasts do, he tried to be one for a day.

Bush also shared some photos of his workouts. Below you can see him working on his upper-body strength and his explosiveness with resistance running in the sand.

Bush's latest workout was shared in a Mission Athletics Facebook Live post. Bush was working on his explosiveness at Brick CrossFit in Los Angeles. He starts with a Vertical Box Jump, the moves to Overhead Med Ball Slams to build upper-body power. He finishes with Med Ball Skater Jumps, which promote his leg power and lateral quickness.

"I'm always motivated to train hard in the off-season because I've always taken each year as though I have something to prove; and I think when you come off an injury, you're that much more motivated to bounce back and to prove that you can still be you," Bush told For The Win. Hopefully, the Super Bowl XLIV winner (with the New Orleans Saints) will get picked up soon and have an outstanding season without injury.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock