STACK Challenge: 60-Second Balance and Endurance Test

Test your athletic ability and enter to win a STACK t-Shirt by completing the 60-second balance and endurance test.

STACK Challenge

Every week, a new STACK Challenge gives you an opportunity to test your athletic ability and win a STACK T-shirt. Take the challenge and enter to win a T-shirt by tweeting your results with #STACKChallenge.

Participate in the first STACK Challenge by testing your lower-body strength, endurance and stability with a full minute of Single-Leg Balance Touches.

Perform the exercise by standing on one leg, bending at the waist to touch the floor with your hands and straightening back up. You can hop to regain balance, but don't touch the ground with your other foot. Be sure to tighten your core throughout the exercise and bring your chest all the way up.

The Challenge

Complete as many Single-Leg Balance Touches as you can in 60 seconds.

How Do You STACK Up?

Rookie: 20-29 reps
Pro: 30-39
All-Star: 40+

STACK ShirtHow to Win a STACK T-Shirt

  1. Complete the challenge by Feb. 9
  2. Follow STACK on Twitter (@stackmedia)
  3. Tweet your results and include #STACKChallenge

We'll announce the winner in next week's STACK Challenge.

Get Better
Not an All-Star yet? Get better by incorporating the following exercises into your training:

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