This Video Shows High School-Aged Karl-Anthony Towns Was Mature Beyond His Years

Footage from a recently unearthed video shows the Minnesota Timberwolves top draft pick to be thoughtful, articulate and poised for big things.

We're pretty sure the Minnesota Timberwolves drafted a guy who's not only a great baller, but a great person.

Watch the above video of top 2015 NBA Draft pick Karl-Anthony Towns, whom STACK filmed when he won the Gatorade Athlete of the Year award last year.

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Listen to the things he talks about: Family. Gratitude. Setting a good example for others. Sure, they can be clichés—especially if someone talks about them but fails to live up to them. But so far, Towns has exhibited outstanding character in addition to being a standout athlete.

Towns has been driven since he was very young. He covered his bedroom walls with handwritten inspirational quotes. At St. Joseph High School in Metuchen, New Jersey, he earned nearly a 4.0 GPA, while bringing home several state titles. Rather than talking back to Coach John Calipari, he vented his frustrations to his imaginary friend, "Karlito." He averaged more than 10 points and nearly 7 assists per game at Kentucky, where he studied kinesiology. He says he intends to earn his degree, and he aspires to become a doctor someday. For now, he seems genuinely excited about playing in Minneapolis.

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And for what it's worth, the STACK crew who met Towns at the Gatorade awards ceremony came away extremely impressed by the young man from Piscataway, New Jersey. Towns was articulate and thoughtful during our interview and courteous and polite before and after. Upon winning the Athlete of the Year Award, he delivered a teary-eyed speech about his parents and everything they did to get him where he was. It brought the house down.

Congratulations to Towns, and to the Timberwolves. This should be a great match.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock