Tom Brady's Dessert When He's on Vacation is Healthier Than Most of Your Meals

Even when the Patriots quarterback lets his hair down and relaxes, he eats better than most Americans.

Tom Brady

There's been a lot of news lately about Tom Brady's insanely strict diet. A recent story attempted to make the possibly robotic quarterback seem a bit more human by showing what he and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, eat while they're on vacation. It did not achieve its goal.

(Sidebar: Let's agree that interviewing the personal chef of a person renting a vacation home in Costa Rica is a challenging way to make that person seem more down-to-earth and relatable. That is a flawed story construction.)

Costa Rican chef Joanne Gerrard Young dished out insights on what the Brady-Bund eat when they're relaxing after a romp in the surf. The power couple's brunch menu includes everyday fare like Swiss chard summer rolls, pineapple cucumber gazpacho, and, of course, a green smoothie with spirulina and lucuma powder. Wait, what? You don't sprinkle the dust of an "Incan superfood" in your morning beverage?

After they've had their fill of these supremely nutritious main dishes and presumably added five years to their life expectancy, members of the Brady clan let their hair down a bit and dig into a coconut cream pie.

Tom Brady's Coconut Cream Pie

Photo: courtesy of Joanne Gerrard Young

Except it's not just an ordinary coconut cream pie. The crust is made of macadamia nuts and pitted dates. The filling is coconut, lime and mango. Add up the nutrition facts for those ingredients, and you'll see that this dessert delivers a load of fiber, vitamin C, folate, potassium and other nutrients you should be eating more regularly.

Compare that to the nutrition profile of a traditional piece of coconut cream pie, which delivers, well, mostly sugar—as do most processed foods here in the U.S. It's well documented that many of the packaged and prepared convenience foods we typically eat are loaded with sugar, salt and fat. That's why they taste good, have long shelf lives, and are even addictive.

There is a good lesson you can learn from this: Whenever possible, prepare your own food, and do it by getting creative with the items you find in the produce section of your grocery store. Nutrient-dense foods can be simple to make. Of course, healthy and delicious desserts would be a lot easier if you had your own Costa Rican chef.

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