Tom Brady Wants to Sell You Cacao Goji Energy Squares

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is now selling some of his favorite healthy snacks on his website.

Remember when Tom Brady released his $200 "Nutrition Manual" back in May?

Although the manual contained dozens of recipes, Brady has now started selling ready-to-eat food.

A product called "TB12 Snacks" recently appeared in the store of Brady's official website. The 12-count variety pack sells for $50 and contains 6 different snacks (two packages of each variety). According to the description, they are "a great way to eat healthy foods with organic ingredients while on-the-go." Each snack is raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free and dairy-free.

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The snacks are:

  • Blueberry Crunch
  • Amazon Crunch
  • Superfood Energy Squares
  • Cacao Goji Energy Squares
  • Dark Cocoa Coconut
  • Buffalo Almonds & Ranch Cashews

Full nutrition facts for each snack are available on the website, but the recipes gel with our previous knowledge of Brady's nutrition preferences. Based on past interviews, we know Brady avoids white sugar, white flour, MSG, iodized salt, coffee, caffeine, fungus and dairy. You won't find any of those things in TB12 Snacks.

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Instead, you'll find lots of nuts and seeds—almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. Almost all of the included nuts are "sprouted," meaning they've been soaked to the point of germination. One big advantage of sprouted nuts over un-sprouted nuts is lower levels of physic acid. Phytic acid is what's known as an "anti-nutrient," which is defined as a naturally occurring substance found in plant-derived foods that interferes with absorption or proper functioning of nutrients in the body. Anti-nutrients such as phytic acid can cause digestion issues and nutrient deficiencies. Sprouting reduces the amount of phytic acid in certain nuts while also increasing their amount of healthy enzymes.

Other frequent ingredients in TB12 Snacks include dates and cacao powder. Among exotic ingredients, you'll find things like lucuma—a Peruvian fruit high in antioxidants and fiber—and camu camu, a lemon-sized shrub fruit from the Amazon rain forest that's packed with more natural vitamin C than any other known food on Earth.

If you're interested in trying Brady's snacks, we've got some bad news—they've already sold out. The good news is that we have plenty of easy-to-make snack recipes that are also probably more affordable. Check them out over at

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