WATCH: High School Pitcher Catches Hard Line Drive With His Bare Hand

This high school pitcher avoided disaster with quick reflexes and hard hands.

Austin Trace

Besides giving up a home run, a pitcher's worst fear is to get hit by a screaming line drive. Hopefully, pitchers react quickly enough to avoid a worst case scenario. If not, they often leave the game in severe pain.

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Canal Winchester (Ohio) High School pitcher Austin Trace recently faced this situation in a game against Bishop Washington. A batter smashed a "frozen rope" straight back at Trace. With cat-like reflexes, the junior hurler, instead of ducking, reached out and snared the ball with his bare hand.

One would assume he would feel pain in his throwing hand after snagging the ball, but no. He just nonchalantly stands there like a boss. Like he's done it before. Check out his impressive reaction time in the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock