WATCH: Monmouth U Basketball Team Has the Best Bench Celebrations in History

Check out the hilarious choreographed celebrations enacted by the Monmouth University basketball team's reserves.

Monmouth Basketball Team Has the Best Bench Celebrations in History

If you're a bench player on a basketball team, you focus on the game, ready to go in whenever coach calls your number, and you provide an  occasional loud cheer when the starting five does something good. Well, the Monmouth University Hawks are changing the bench game, and believe me, they know how to get hyped.

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Whenever one of their teammates makes a big shot or humongous dunk, the bench celebrates in a way that makes fans stop watching the game and start watching them. Why? Because the bench players choreograph hilarious celebrations.

This is a good way both to keep their heads in the game and support their teammates on the court.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock