Watch the World's First Nothing Front Bike Flip, From Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus daredevil R WIlly adds to his list of first-ever stunts, pulling off the world's first nothing front bike flip.

Members of Nitro Circus are always pushing the envelope with crazy new tricks, and it seems they are always the first to do them. This is because most people don't have the guts these guys have. They risk serious injury; and when they do get hurt, they're back attempting an impossible stunt the day after they're healed.

Ryan Williams (a.k.a. R Willy) is one of those people—no stranger to being first:

  • He performed the first ever triple backflip on a scooter.
  • He landed the first double front flip on a scooter.
  • And now R Willy has pulled off the world's first nothing front bike flip.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock