We Dare You to Try This Epic Sand Dune Workout

STACK Expert Chris Hitchko issues a Malibu Sand Dune Workout Challenge.

If you're looking for a killer sand dune workout, allow me to introduce you to the Malibu Dunes, located off  the Pacific Coast Highway in sunny California. This 300- to 400-yard uphill sand dune is one of the hardest workouts Show Up Fitness athletes have come across in years. With inclines of 25 to 35 degrees, the dune presents a workout that humbles even the best athletes.

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I suggest performing an outdoor workout at least once a week to complement your strength and conditioning program. Here are some of the benefits and difficulties of sprinting on the dunes.

Benefits of sprinting in the sand

Sand Dunes

Beautiful scenery, less impact on knees, improves stride length and overall power. Stride length and stride rate are the two variables you need to addressed to increase your linear speed. Resistance sprints such as running uphill are great for increasing stride length.

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Difficulties of sprinting in the sand

Sand Dune Sprint

Injuries and sand everywhere! Seriously, your truck, house and every crevice of your body will have sand in it for a few days. You need to pay extra attention to proper running mechanics and err on the side of caution during lateral movements, because the feet can get stuck in the sand, resulting in the knee twisting.

If you're willing to accept the dune challenge, give the following workout a try

Malibu Sand Dune Workout

Sand Dune Sled Pull

  • 2x Backpedal into Sprint (5 yards apart)
  • 2x Side Shuffle into Sprint (5 yards)
  • 2x Broad Jump downhill
  • 2x Bag-Resisted Sprint
  • 2x Kettlebell Throw (5-10kg)
  • 2x Sprint with Side Shuffle
  • 2x Sprint to Drop
  • 1x End with max Sprint

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