J.Lo and Under Armour Women "Taking It Back"

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Ladies, in case you haven't heard of "What's Beautiful," we're here to help. Under Armour launched a contest for female athletes to show off their strength, athletic ability and accomplishments over a period of nine weeks. Besides re-defining "What's Beautiful" through the contestants' journeys, Under Armour is also encouraging girls to "Take it Back"—to reclaim our identity, not only as beautiful women, but also as fierce female athletes.

Rolling out their latest video promoting the "What's Beautiful" contest, Under Armour takes us behind the scenes of Jennifer Lopez's latest music video, "Follow the Leader." Suited up head to toe in UA gear for the filming, J.Lo pauses to talk about what "beauty" means to her.

Head over to whatsbeautiful.UA.com to read details on the contest.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock