STACK Yoga for Athletes: The Secret Weapon for a Stronger Core

In this second installment in STACK's Yoga for Athletes series, yogi Rebecca Pacheco (meet Rebecca) shares her secret weapon for a strong core. This simple yet super-effective exercise features a foam roller to work every angle of the abdominals.

Although we can't promise this exercise will give you a six-pack, we can guarantee sore muscles and a stronger core foundation.

Exercise Tip from Rebecca: Pull your abdominals down toward the roller throughout the exercise, and use your hands only for light support. Remember to go down slowly.

Foam Roller Core Exercise

Watch the video above for full workout instructions and advanced variations.

  • Position foam roller vertically and lie down on it, making sure entire back (from tailbone to base of skull) is on the roller
  • Balance by placing fingertips on ground
  • Lift legs into "tabletop position," with knees bent 90 degrees and in line with hips
  • Gently lower right leg and tap toe on ground
  • Return to start position
  • Repeat movement with left leg

Once you've mastered the basic movement, add some of the variations Pacheco discusses in the video for killer core training that builds balance and stability.

Check out the first installment of STACK Yoga for Athletes: The Perfect Warm-Up/Cool-Down. And for more great yoga routines for athletes, follow Pacheco on Facebook or Twitter.


Samantha Jones Samantha Jones - Samantha Jones is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where she earned her bachelor's degree in communication and information sciences. Throughout her scholastic career, she played a variety of school and select team sports, and she still maintains an active lifestyle through daily exercise.
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