Hassan Whiteside Uses Snapchat to Announce He Is Re-Signing With Miami

Hassan Whiteside used Snapchat to announce he would re-sign with the Miami Heat.

Snapchat is becoming one of the most useful apps in the appmosphere. After adding selfie lenses and video calling to its chat feature, Snapchat has become one of the most popular apps on the market. It's ranked No. 2 on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Snapchat's usefulness has been recognized by NBA players. During this year's playoffs, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson regularly posted funny videos to his Snapchat story showing behind-the-scenes footage of the Cavs.

On Thursday, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside used Snapchat to announce his free agency decision.

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The video shows Whiteside on a couch as the person shooting the video asks him what team he plans to sign with. Whiteside waits for a second, creating a dramatic pause. Then he gets off the couch and says, "Miami," as Will Smith's "Miami" plays in the background.

On Friday, Whiteside agreed in principle to a four-year $98 million max deal with the Heat. Last season, the league's leading shot blocker averaged 3.68 blocks per game to go along with 14.2 points per game on 60.6 percent shooting.

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Bringing Whiteside back is key for the Heat, because it's hard to find a big with his skills. His elite rim protection, athleticism and the ability to score in the paint make Whiteside a valuable player.

Whiteside could become a pioneer in using Snapchat to announce important decisions. Not only does the app let people use fun face lenses, it also has a discover feature in which media outlets like ESPN can post newsy information.

Snapchat is arguably the most all-in-one social media platform on the market. It can be used to snap pictures, send text, post video, chat and read news. Whiteside's use of it to announce his free agency decision could set a precedent for more NBA players to use it to announce important decisions.


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