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Want to dominate your opponent during games? Build muscle and get stronger with the help of STACK's content. Building muscle will help you improve leverage and prevent defenses from taking advantage of you on the court or field. Learn about the importance of proper nutrition and how eating right can help you build muscle to get a leg up on the competition.

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9 Tips to Help Young Athletes Gain Muscle Mass

The Young Athlete's Guide: How to Gain Muscle Mass During high school, many young freshman and sophomore athletes become obsessed with ways to gain...

By: James Darley

Simple and Effective: This Mass-Building Workout Requires Just 5 Exercises Per Session

Increasing muscle mass is a goal of many athletes across all sports, and it very well should be. Any non weight class athletes (most sports) should aim...

By: Cody Plofker

10 Summer Fitness Tips to Help You Get Ripped

Getting your summer fitness on isn't as complicated as you might think it is. If you're wanting get your body right for the beach or other summer...

By: Roger Lockridge

German Volume Training: How to Pack on Muscle Mass

Adding supersets and circuits to a training program allows an athlete to add a lot of volume in a short period. However, one training method allows an...

By: Daniel Payseur

Build Muscle With the 2-Second Pause Workout Program

It's that time of year again, seasons over, and it's time to hit the reset button on my hoopers.Spring is a great time to add volume to your players...

By: Scott Thom

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STACK Performance Nutrition With Leslie Bonci: What You Need to Eat to Build Muscle

In this episode of STACK Performance Nutrition, Leslie Bonci affirms what you need to eat to build muscle.

How NaVorro Bowman Builds Bigger Arms

In this football training video, NFL All Pro LB NaVorro Bowman blasts his upper body and arms with a Tricep Extension-Kettlebell Curl superset.

Brandon Jennings DB Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press

Superstar point guard Brandon Jennings performs the Dumbbell Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press as part of his off-season training routine, with coaching by Nate Costa.

How Dustin Pedroia Muscles Up

Boston Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia provides an overview of his off-season training program, which consists of him getting as strong as possible.

Thomas Jones' Dropsets for Bigger Arms

Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl running back Thomas Jones reveals his dropset technique for building bigger, stronger arms to protect the ball and absorb contact.