4 Ways to Turn Mental Toughness Into Physical Toughness

Want to turn mental toughness into an aggressive style of play? Follow these tips from STACK Expert Chris Stankovich to gain confidence and reach your peak potential.

Breaking a tackle

"What the mind believes the body achieves." The reality of athletics is that athletes can only "achieve" in sports what they "believe" they can do.

When you play sports, you can only compete at your highest level when you have a confident, aggressive mindset. Conversely, when you play with fear or anxiety, you waste a lot of natural talent.

Developing a strong mindset for sports usually happens over time through successful goal setting, good coaching and a burning desire to be the best. In order to increase your mental toughness—and thereby improve your physical abilities—follow these tips:

  1. Set goals. When you set specific, measurable, controllable goals, you will be able to see your progress, gain confidence and sharpen your focus for future goals.
  2. Learn how to focus. Work on focusing on all the things you control that are relevant to your success, and let go of things you do not control that are irrelevant to your success.
  3. Play to win. Don't let unimportant things get in your mind while you compete. Literally "go for it" when the lights are on and play is underway.
  4. Take control. Think about the ways and means you can improve, including attending camps, clinics and showcases; and do anything else you can do to improve. When you feel good about your efforts, your confidence will increase—and so will your athletic talents.

For more hands-on tips and strategies about mental toughness, check out The Athletes Guide to Mental Toughness today!

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