Nike's NFL Uniform Unveil (VIDEO)

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Nike is now the official provider of the NFL's uniforms, which means updated materials, improved technology and an enhanced look for the league's 32 teams. The widespread rumors before last week's unveiling ended up all over the board. Many fans hoped to see dramatically redesigned jerseys for their favorite teams. In the end, only the Seattle Seahawks will have a totally fresh look in 2012.

STACK was on hand last week in NYC for the official announcement of the new partnership; and we had a chance to speak with several Pro Bowlers, who shared their thoughts on the new look and feel of their team's uniforms (see video above). Many were thrilled about the addition of Flywire, which keeps the fabric flush to the athlete's pads and may cut down on holding.

Beyond that, many athletes mentioned the improved cut on the sleeves, allowing for a fuller range of motion, as well as a tighter and snugger fit. But probably the biggest benefit to the players is the inclusion of ventilation panels on the uniforms, which will help regulate body temperature.

View our exclusive video above to hear what the NFL's top stars have to say about their new Nike jerseys.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock