Topical Gear Products for Volleyball Players and Female Athletes

Learn about Topical Gear products, designed to reduce injuries among volleyball players and all female athletes.

Volleyball Injury

It should come as no surprise that the Sports Injury Clinic reports a high injury rate among high school volleyball players. Volleyball is one of the few sports in which players throw themselves at a hardwood floor to save a wild ball and quickly recover to their feet. However, instead of being a growing concern, female injury prevention rarely receives specific attention.

When Bill Bue's daughter expressed interest in becoming a volleyball player, he decided to make protective gear for female athletes his mission. Now the president/founder of Topical Gear, Bue relied on his experience as a member of the Sports Medicine Society and the Arthroscopy Association of North America". So how are Topical Gear products advancing the care of female athletes? (See Topical Gear's ACL Tube: A Game Changer for Female Athletes.)

Origin of Topical Gear

Bue spent four years focusing on female volleyball players at high schools, clubs and colleges. The feedback he received from the players went directly to the Topical Gear medical staff to create products that would decrease the number of injuries and help the girls improve their athletic performance. Bue believes the time spent researching and connecting directly with athletes is why  Topical Gear products are the most comfortable, protective gear on the market. Topical Gear products are light, thin, easy to apply and remove—and they do not restrict vertical or lateral motion.

What difference do Topical Gear products make in female volleyball injuries?

Every Topical Gear product is made to activate muscles in the service of protecting the ankles, knees and shoulders. When the muscles are more active, the players experiences less fatigue. Research has shown that most injuries occur when an athlete is fatigued.

Behind the name Topical Gear

Topical Gear products identify and apply topical pressure to muscles, tendons and ligaments with custom ankle, knee and shoulder designs that activate the muscles in order to protect a player.


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