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The Best Home Exercise Equipment For Under $200

March 25, 2013 | Andrew Ciccarelli

TRX Force

With wild claims, cheap materials, cheesy infomercials and high price-points, home exercise equipment has acquired a bad reputation. If someone falls for one of their marketing schemes, pretty soon another piece of expensive equipment will be gathering dust in a basement or garage.

Fortunately, some home exercise equipment options are effective and reasonably affordable. The best home equipment is also used in gyms, and it can help you quickly build total-body strength. However, it must be portable, easy to store, durable and affordable.

If you have $200 to spend, I recommend taking a look at these various pieces of exercise equipment.

TRX Suspension Trainer


For just under $200, you can own one of the hottest pieces of fitness equipment in the world today. Created by a Navy SEAL, the TRX Suspension Trainer can give you a full-body workout using only your body weight. The unstable nature of the exercises challenges your strength, balance and core stability.

Check out STACK's TRX exercise library for workouts ideas.

Lebert Equalizer


Lebert Equalizer bars, created by Marc Lebert, are another great body weight training tool. This versatile piece of strength training equipment can be used to work your chest, back, arms and core.


Medicine Balls

$120 (50 pounds and under)

They come in a variety of weights, so you can find a medicine ball that is just right for your needs. Use it to add resistance to Squats, Lunges or core exercises. Med balls are durable, so you can throw or slam them against a wall or the ground.

Once you've bought your med balls, head over to STACK's Med Ball Exercise Library.

Multi-Position Doorway Pull-Up Bar


Pull-Ups are one of the best overall upper-body exercises, because they work the big back muscles as well as the arms. Doorway pull-up bars are easy to install and take down. They come with multiple hand position grips, so you can easily change the angle of the exercise.

Licorice Jump Rope


You can't claim to have the best home exercise tool if you don't own a jump rope. There's a reason why boxers skip rope for their conditioning training. Jumping rope builds cardiovascular endurance, coordination and timing. Use skipping rope as a warm-up, cooldown or active rest between sets of resistance training.

Get started by checking out this tough 5-minute jump rope workout.

Andrew Ciccarelli
- Andrew Ciccarelli is a sport conditioning coach, certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor in Toronto, Canada. He owns Brash Fitness & Conditioning, specializing in sport-specific...
Andrew Ciccarelli
- Andrew Ciccarelli is a sport conditioning coach, certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor in Toronto, Canada. He owns Brash Fitness & Conditioning, specializing in sport-specific...
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