Micah Kurtz

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Micah Kurtz

Micah Kurtz is a nationally certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has worked as a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for the University of South Carolina and as director of strength and conditioning at AC Flora High School (Forest Acres, S.C.) Currently, he is a strength and conditioning consultant to the 2012 national high school champions, Oak Hill Academy. Together with Oak Hill basketball first assistant coach Bryan Meagher, Kurtz runs All-American Athletics and Academics, a company that provides student-athletes with one-of-a-kind sport-specific strength training, skill development, and academic advising. The company also runs basketball strength and skill clinics and camps throughout the East Coast. Kurtz has trained high school All-Americans, collegiate All-Americans, and professional athletes. Follow him on Twitter @Kurtzm3 or check out his website at http://All-AmericanAthletics.org.

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