Start Developing Your Back With These Exercises

Build a stronger, more powerful back with exercises from

The back is one of the most overlooked muscle groups in the entire body. If you don't spend time training your back, you'll be ineffective on the field, no matter what sport you play.

Here are a few key back exercises to perform one to two times per week. Aim for sets of five to seven reps. For each lift, use a 3:1 work ratio, which means that you'll lower the weight for three seconds and raise it in one second. Rest for two minutes after each set.

Super Set #1:

Super Compound Set 2:

Super Compound Set 3:

  • Standing Bent-Over Row - 12
  • Aussie Pull-Ups (Inverted Row w/feet on bench) - Max
  • Straight-Arm Pull-Down - 10
  • Plank - 1 Minute
  • Sets: 3 Rounds

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock