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A supplement is any product that delivers nutrients to the body in addition to those supplied by food. A balanced diet is sufficient for most people, but many athletes take supplements to improve their training results and athletic performance. Popular safe supplements include multivitamins to correct nutritional deficiencies and products containing protein, creatine or glutamine to increase muscle strength and size and to enhance performance. Learn about safe and effective supplements by following advice from today’s top experts and nutritionists.

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4 Creatine Myths Exposed

4 Creatine Myths Exposed

Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid-like compound used by tens of thousands of athletes worldwide to increase their strength, power, muscle mass and explosive performance. Despite this,...

By: Tim Ziegenfuss

Should You Be Taking BCAAs?

Should You Be Taking BCAAs?

The shelves lining your local supplement store look more like a chemistry lab than a haven for performance hungry athletes. Your buddies might tell you...

By: Sam DeHority

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Conquering Two-a-Days with Milk REFUEL

Conquering Two-a-Days with Milk REFUEL

The East Brunswick High School football team recovers faster and stronger than ever by consuming low-fat chocolate milk after off-season workouts and two-a-day sessions.

2010 Arnold Classic

2010 Arnold Classic

STACK hit up the 2010 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio to check out the latest sports supplements and athletic-enhancing gear and products to hit the...




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